Slim-Down Foods
Slim-Down Foods Slim-Down Foods

Eating out tonight? Search dozens of menu options to keep you on track.

No time to cook? Check out a list of delicious, ready-to-eat meals and snacks.

Snacking on the go? Discover dozens of quick bites that fit the plan.

Stuck in the frozen-food aisle? Print out your shopping list for everything you need to avoid impulse buying.

Satisfy that sweet tooth! Dozens of
out-of-this-world desserts that don’t taste “diet.”

Customized means it's all about YOU! Women's Health Personal Trainer features customized eating plans that are all about YOU: your tastes, your time, your needs. Simply log on to make the plans fit your life — on the spot — whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Dig into delicious foods that fit your body-slimming goals!
Losing weight just got tastier AND easier, thanks to Women's Health Personal Trainer. Pick from delicious meal plans made to fit your goals ... your tastes ... your schedule ... your LIFE! Whether you're looking to shrink your belly, boost your metabolism, or slim down all over, there's a plan to fit your hot-body goals!

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