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How It Works...

Women's Health Personal Trainer is an online trainer, nutritionist, and weight loss expert rolled into one. Every day, Personal Trainer will prescribe a meal plan and fitness routine for only you! The coolest thing: You can swap out any exercise you don't like, add or delete foods, and otherwise tweak the plan so it fits your personality and lifestyle to a T. It's so easy to use! It does the work for you!

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How It Works...
Food Plans...

>>Take your weight loss to the next level with a personalized nutrition plan full of foods that boost
your metabolism, burn calories faster, and dissolve fat like magic on a biological level. You'll get:

customized meal plans made for you
• hundreds of delicious recipes
• the latest nutrition information
• dozens of fat-burning snacks
• convenient shopping lists
monthly updates!
on the go, at the grocery store, or at a restaurant, simply log in with the FREE companion app.
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Food Plans...

The fitness workout options in Women's
Health Personal Trainer
never let you get bored
or unmotivated. New, fat-burning breakthrough programs are input monthly to help you reshape your body and empower you to get tighter, leaner, and stronger. You'll get:

easy, personalized workout plans
• exercise video demos by the experts
• progress tracking tools to keep you on track
easy access to your workouts at the gym or in your living room with the companion app on your mobile phone
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